Today’s business world and decision-making become more and more complex due to high competitiveness and volatility. Decisions have a high economic value and need to take into account the uncertainty to ensure agility and robustness in today’s ever evolving markets.


Data analytics is the most appropriate approach to handle such complexity. There are different levels of maturity going from data acquisition up to highly precised recommendations for decision-making. The value generated from data analytics depends of course on the value of maturity.


Big industrial actors are already benefiting from the high value of such data analytics solutions that they have developed in partnership with experts.  As of today, this advanced technology remains quite expensive for small and medium entreprises (SME), in particular predictive analytics and optimization,  mainly because of the cost of implementation and customization.


Facilitate access to Advanced Data Analytics

PRESupply research project proposes to facilitate the access to advanced data analytics to SME’s for Supply Chain Management and Optimization via the development of a flexible and modular platform.  

The PRESupply Platform aims to increase the value of decisions that affects several parts of the supply chain using an integrated and predictive approach.


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